About the ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 04:45
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The ASEAN Security Community (ASC) Plan of Action, adopted at the 10th ASEAN Summit, stipulates that ASEAN shall work towards the convening of an annual ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting. Against this background, the Inaugural meeting of the ADMM was held in Kuala Lumpur on 9 May 2006.

The ADMM is the highest defence consultative and cooperative mechanism in ASEAN. The ADMM aims to promote mutual trust and confidence through greater understanding of defence and security challenges as well as enhancement of transparency and openness.


The objectives of the ADMM, are:

  • To promote regional peace and stability through dialogue and cooperation in defence and security;
  • To give guidance to existing senior defence and military officials dialogue and cooperation in the field of defence and security within ASEAN and between ASEAN and dialogue partners;
  • To promote mutual trust and confidence through greater understanding of defence and security challenges as well as enhancement of transparency and openness; and
  • To contribute to the establishment of an ASEAN Security Community (ASC) as stipulated in the Bali Concord II and to promote the implementation of the Vientiane Action Programme (VAP) on ASC.


Practical cooperation in the ASEAN defence sector has grown steadily since its inception with various initiatives in the following areas:


Maritime Security (MS)

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR)

Counter-Terrorism (CT)

Peacekeeping Operations (PKO)

Military Medicine (MM)

  • ASEAN Direct Communications Infrastructure in the ADMM Process (ADI)
  • ADMM Guidelines for Maritime Interaction (GMI)
  • The Use of ASEAN Military Assets and Capacities in HADR (SASOP Chapter VI)
  • Logistics Support Framework (LSF)
  • ASEAN Militaries Ready Group on HADR (AMRG on HADR)
  • Standard Operating Procedures on the Multinational Coordination Centre (MNCC SOP)
  • ASEAN Our Eyes (AOE)
  • Network of ASEAN Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) Defence Experts
  • ASEAN Peacekeeping Centres Network (APCN)
  • ASEAN Flag to be Displayed Next to National Flag at the Compound of ASEAN Member State’s Military Units Participating in UN PKOs
  • Enhancing Support Mechanism for ASEAN Women Peacekeepers
  • ASEAN Center of Military Medicine (ACMM)
  • ASEAN Military Medicine Conference (AMMC)
  • Enhancing Cooperation Amongst Defence Forces of ASEAN Member States in Cross-Border Pandemic Containment

Cyber Security (CS)

Border Management

Defence Industry

Defence Education

Other Confidence-building Measures

  • ASEAN Cyber Defence Network (ACDN)
  • ADMM Cybersecurity and Information Centre of Excellence (ACICE)
  • The Role of ASEAN Defence Establishments in Supporting Border Management
  • ASEAN Defence Industry Collaboration (ADIC)
  • ADMM-Wide Training and Education Exchanges (AETEs)
  • ASEAN Defence Educational Institutions' Collaboration (ADEIC)
  • ASEAN Defence Interaction Programmes (ADIP)
  • Guidelines for Air Military Encounters (GAME)
  • ASEAN Defence Establishments and Civil Society Organisations Cooperation on Non-Traditional Security


ADMM Chair

The Chairmanship of the ADMM follows that of ASEAN.

For 2023, the Chairman of the ADMM and the ASEAN Defence Senior Officials' Meeting (ADSOM) are below:


Chairman of ADMM:      

H.E. Prabowo Subianto

Minister of Defence



Chairman of ADSOM: 

Air Marshall Donny Ermawan Taufanto


Ministry of Defence



ADMM contact point: 

Brigadier General Steverly C. Parengkuan

Director for International Cooperation

Ministry of Defence



Close Panel

Panel 1

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